How was OPnGO born?

OPnGO was born at the end of 2015 at Indigo. It’s the first app to meet all the parking needs of drivers. It allows you to pay for on-street parking, find a parking space near you or book one in advance. It also allows you to enter car parks automatically with no ticket, pay online and receive your invoice directly by e-mail. To sum up OPnGO in a few words, it means more convenience, time saved and – best of all – money saved.


What are your online payment goals?

We see the in-app payment component as crucial in terms of customer experience. We designed OPnGO to make it easier to pay for parking. So, for example, drivers who’ve pre-registered their card no longer need to think about payment, and have their cards debited every time they enter and leave a car park. It also gives users the opportunity to register as many payment methods as they wish, and switch seamlessly between a business payment card and a personal payment card.

A few words about your partnership with Worldline?

Worldline provides an extremely important assurance of security and trust, not only for our users, but also for our business partners. It’s a flexible solution, and one that importantly allows us to deliver an effective response to all the challenges around personal data security and money management. Worldline is also a partner that has worked alongside us since the beginning of the adventure, and which has been absolutely key to our international expansion.

Live from the OPnGO app

Boost conversion

For its parking space reservation app, OPnGO has left nothing to chance, making user experience the focus. The mobile app allows you to pay for parking with one click, thus promoting conversion.

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  • In-app payment for an optimised purchasing process
  • Users register as many means of payment as they wish
  • 100% secure platform for managing public money
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