Where did Swedish Fit come from?

Our concept originated in Sweden and our parents brought it to France about twenty years ago. And it’s proved very popular with the French public. We offer group exercise classes designed to be as friendly as possible. It’s all about the joy of movement, not competitive performance. The idea is to have fun and enjoy yourself while getting fit.

When did you first offer online payment?

It was in September 2009. I remember a lot of excitement at the time, we were wondering if it would work. So the first sale really was a magical moment. Back then, we were the only ones in the wellbeing market to offer online payment. It was game-changing.

So what are your e-payment challenges now?

Well, clearly it’s about boosting our conversion rate and optimising the customer journey. So meeting a partner like Worldline, which has adapted perfectly to our environment and is now working with us on our international expansion, has been a real opportunity.

Could you tell us more about your collaboration with Worldline?

We’re really happy to be working with Worldline for our online payments. All the more so because we generate 95% of our revenue online. So it was crucial for us to be able to work with a reliable and efficient partner.


Today, we have an all-in-one payment solution with a platform that suits our needs perfectly. It allows us to monitor all our flows daily as well as instantly. 

What dreams do you have for the future?

We’re very keen to integrate online payment via the smartphone app to make the customer journey even better. And our biggest dream is that there’ll be a Swedish Fit class taking place at any given time somewhere in the world. 

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Go international

Swedish Fit wants to expand. In its quest for growth, it is faced with some major challenges. Increasing its conversion rate, optimising its customer journey and going international. All these challenges are now being successfully met with help from Worldline.

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  • A reliable and efficient partner. Goal: never miss a sale.
  • The company wanted to be able to monitor its business in real time using a payment platform tailored to its specific needs.
  • Successful international expansion into the UK, Switzerland and Belgium.
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