Carlos Larraz, Co-founder and CEO

In peak periods like Halloween, the site receives hundreds of thousands of orders in just a few hours.

Follow us to Spain, to meet Carlos Larraz and Toño Escartin, two troublemakers who are determined to make your disguised parties even more crazy. And all in a few clicks!


What is the concept of Funidelia?

Two friends working in the online industry, who had other friends who used to buy costumes in the US paying a lot and, customs and taxes and shipping costs, everything… We decided to investigate a little; we found a gap and then we did it!

Remember your first transaction

It was September 4, 2011, we do remember the name and the location as one of the best experiences in our history!

Why Ingenico?

In the whole user experience, the payment is the final phase. So we needed to ensure that we were providing a complete experience by having a good partner who provides us, and guarantees that the customer journey will be successful.

Your lever to boost your growth?

From the beginning, we thought that we needed to become a high-volume business in order to succeed. So, what we had to do as soon as possible, was to open in new countries and for that, we took advantage of not having barriers in the online world. So we started opening countries, and then we have been selling products, to these customers. Our dream for the future it’s something to become global. One day, to be able to create trends, in this industry.

Live from the Funidelia website

Live from the Funidelia website

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