Yoann Alarçon, Founder and Director

Rediscovering the taste of fruit and veg in just a click

Let’s meet Yoann Alarçon, Founder and Director of Potager City. Here, he tells us all about his company’s incredible story.


How was born Potager City?

Potager City was born in 2007 over a family meal. My brother and I had the idea of helping people to rediscover the real taste of fruit and vegetables.

Remember your first sale...

It was unforgettable. It was a Saturday afternoon just after we launched the website and I was pressing F5 every 5 minutes. At 4 o’clock, we had our first €15 transactions. I called my brother immediately: the adventure had begun!

What are your online payment goals?

The first thing is obviously security. We want our customers to feel safe when they enter their payment card details online. The second thing is reliability: we must be 100% able to absorb peaks in business flows and avoid payment problems.

Your dream for the future?

To diversify. We’d love to develop other products, such as cheese or meat. We are also looking to adopt contactless payment methods for mobile devices. We hope that Ingenico will be there to work alongside us in achieving this new challenge.

Live from the Potager City e-shop

Live from the Potager City e-shop

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